Mike Brogan
Mike Brogan worked in the increasingly competitive world of global business. As a Creative Director in a major ad agency he handed General Motors and other blue chip multi-national advertising in London and on the European continent. His radio and television commercials won accolades in the UK and Europe and were honored at the prestigious Cannes Festival.

Back in the USA, Brogan continued writing award-winning advertising. Some commercials, like Baseball, Hotdogs, Apple Pie and Chevrolet, have become part of Americana.

But all this time Brogan was writing what he really loved: fiction, mystery, suspense. He wrote early in the morning, during lunch, at night — wherever he could grab a few minutes.

And it all paid off. His first thriller, Business to Kill For, recently won a Writer's Digest award. WD called it, " ... the equal of any thriller read in recent years." His thriller, Dead Air, also won awards and focuses on the ruthlessness of global business.

But working in Europe also taught him something else: the ruthlessness of terrorism. The kind that hits close to home ... like the night a bomb exploded just sixty feet from his family in London. That experience and similar ones led to his award-winning suspense thriller, Dead Air.

It also led to his thriller — G8 — in which a federal agent, Donovan, learns that the man who killed his wife is the same man who is about to assassinate the eight most powerful leaders in the world — and once again, Donovan can't stop him

And in Kentucky Woman a college girl searches for her birth parents, but when she finally discovers their identity, she�s forced to run for her life�