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     Madison Parker is excited. She just won a big advertising account for a revolutionary new XCar. Competitors have nothing to compete with it. But one competitor will do anything to sabotage XCar. And he's discovered a way. A way that will cause injuries and deaths to innocent men, women and children. As Madison and the FBI get closer to stopping the man, he gets closer to them, and soon they find themselves running for their lives.

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     Lilly Thompson smiled at the winding road ahead. For good reason. Dean, her cute, smart fiancÚ, was just minutes ahead, waiting for her with open arms at his parents' home in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.
     She looked forward to their dinner tonight at the romantic Grand Hotel on nearby Mackinac Island. After dinner, they'd check out the hotel's availability for their June wedding. She'd already picked out her wedding dress, a beautiful Vera Wang she could afford thanks to the special price from the bridal shop, and her new promotion at Global Vehicles.
     A promotion that included the new GV company car she was driving. Really new. An XCar. The XCar would not be on sale at GV dealerships for four months. Only two hundred early-release XCars had been shipped to dealers for showroom displays, Win-An-XCar contests, and sales to very select customers.
     As she drove north on I-75, she glimpsed the pristine blue water of Lake Paradise, remembering that Dean said Michigan had eleven thousand freshwater lakes, more freshwater than any country in the world.
     She noticed drivers glancing at her XCar's sleek clean design, sort of a roomy SUV with a sleek hatchback flair. But XCar had much more than good looks. Thousands of people would soon be driving XCars for its revolutionary new battery power system that let them drive up to five hundred miles between battery recharges - recharges that took only fifteen minutes. No other car manufacturer had anything like its electric power or recharge system. The gas savings would be in the thousands annually for most drivers.
     She passed a vegetable truck and saw the towering Mackinac Bridge ahead. The Mighty Mac, the longest suspension bridge in the western hemisphere, soared up into a misty sky like an ancient humpback dinosaur. She drove up to the entrance, paid the four-dollar fee, and drove onto the bridge. The five-mile-long bridge would carry her over Lake Michigan and deposit her in the state's Upper Peninsula near the town of St. Ignace, where Dean's parents lived.
     She followed a royal-blue Chevy Malibu and wondered if her bridesmaids' dresses should be royal-blue. Or maybe pink, or turquoise, or lavender, or lime green. Maybe her five bridesmaids should vote.
     Approaching the summit of the bridge, she saw the churning waters of Lake Michigan below. The wind whipped up whitecaps. The view was spectacular. She looked toward Mackinac Island and glimpsed the Grand Hotel's incredibly long front porch, perfect for some wedding photos.
     "The huge white hotel was embraced by lush green gardens and forests. She was looking at a Camille Pissarro painting.
     Suddenly - her car surged a bit.
     She eased up on the gas, but it surged faster.
     She took her foot off the gas.
     The car raced still faster!
     She hit the brakes.
     There were none.
     What's happening?
     The speed limit was forty-five, but she was doing sixty - without touching the gas!
     She raced around two cars whose drivers stared at her like she was crazy.
     Ahead, slower cars blocked both lanes!
     She couldn't steer around them. Couldn't brake! She hit the horn but it didn't work. She would crash into them in seconds.
     But then her car slowed and steered itself to the right, then left, then toward the short center-divider that blocked her from oncoming traffic.
     Who's driving this car?
     She reached to turn the key off, but the car had keyless ignition. The key was buried in her purse.
     Without warning, the car steered hard left again, plowed through the small center divider - barely missing oncoming delivery truck - and raced directly at the three-foot high guard-railing separating her from the water two hundred feet below.
     She pounded on the brakes ...
     Still none.
     She smashed through the railing, went airborne, and plunged toward the frigid water below.
     This is not happening!
     But it was!
     Her life flashed before her. Dean, her wedding, their life together ...


     One hundred yards behind Lilly, a man in a black BMW stopped with the other cars and watched Lilly's XCar crash through the railing and plunge into the choppy water below.
     Perfect, he thought.