Breathe Reviews:
"Mike Brogan has a way with a villain, and he makes his heroes every bit as interesting. BREATHE extends the author's winning streak. Its pace is so relentless, the title is a handy reminder not to forget to work our lungs."

    - Loren D. Estleman, author of BLACK AND WHITE BALL, Four-time Shamus award winner.
"In G8, Brogan's CIA Special Agent Donovan Rourke saved the eight top world leaders. That was just a cozy cuddle-up compared to BREATHE, where eight million New Yorkers could soon die. Every Brogan novel is a tension-mounting thriller, but the stakes have never been higher. Pick it up and you'll barely have time to BREATHE!"

    - Phil Rosette, The Freya Project; Seoul Legacy; the Orphan's Flu; Broken String.
"Donovan Rourke, a CIA special Advisor, learns of a terrorist plan threatening thousands of innocent lives ... but what is it? Fast-paced action, intricate details you have to unravel, and an exciting finish that leaves you "breathless" and sorry it's over. You'll think � "BREATHE could really happen!"

    - Rebecca M. Lyles, author of From the Errors of Others