Business to Kill For

Business to Kill For Reviews:
". . . a thriller to equal any read in recent years."

    - Writers Digest
"A lean, fast thriller. Brogan knows this world and has made gripping entertainment from it. Grabs you like a crazed executive and won't let go."

    - Lawrence Kasdan, writer-director, Body Heat, The Bill Chill, Silverado
"Hits full throttle on page one and doesn't let up. Packed with suspense."

    - Chuck Yeager, famed pilot
"A breathless adventure..."

    - Detroit Free Press
" . . . a realm of terror that simply won't let you stop turning the pages . . ."

    - Midwest Book Review
" . . . impressive style that emulates the fast-paced style of Grisham and Crichton."

    - Lobell Bergman, Universal City
"A stylish thriller . . . Brogan displays mastery of his genre. Put it on your reading list."

    - Rowse Reviews
"A fantastic novel. I highly recommend it."

    - Jennifer Leese, Storyweaver's Reviews