Dead Air

Dead Air Reviews:
"One can't turn the pages fast enough ... Brogan has an innate sense of how to pull in the reader and what scares us. DEAD AIR is sort of a Lord of the Rings of thrillers. It's no wonder Brogan won a respected WRITERS DIGEST award. He's got what it takes. DEAD AIR is a real barn-burner!"

    - Five Stars! Midwest Book Review
".... a riveting, suspenseful novel. The author brings his personal brush with terror to the story. Trust me, you want to read this story. It would make a terrific movie, too."

    - Pick of the Month Bookviews
"... It's amazing at how the author sets the stage and details his characters so well and quickly..."

    - Jim McFarlin, ex- Detroit News Entertainment Editor
"The author shows what could happen some day. He's made it so realistic ... I wanted to shy away, but I overlooked nothing. The author's lesson hit home and that lesson is terrifying. Highly recommended reading!"

    - Five Stars! Huntress Reviews
"... a heart-pounding, fast-paced thriller that could be ripped from tomorrows headlines... really tough to put down!"

    - Lansing Journal
"DEAD AIR is an edge-of-your-seat thriller that grabbed me quick and didn't let go until its phenomenal, white-knuckle ending. I could not stop turning the pages!"

    - Robert L. Fenton, best-selling author, Black Tie Only
"... his story keeps the pages turning and sends chills down the spine."

    - The Times Herald
".... a diabolical plot with life-threatening action..."

    - Five Stars! Small Press Book Review
"The story hooked me on page one, two, three .... DEAD AIR is an absolutely spellbinding suspense thriller with an incredible, amazing ending."

    - Jerry Burton, award-winning author of ZORA