G8 Reviews:
"Mike Brogan's G8 sets a rollercoaster pace from the start and never lets up. It's harrowing and relentless, with a villain black-hearted enough and devious enough to chill us all beyond the breathless last page. I really enjoyed this book."

    - Loren D. Estleman, four-time Shamus Award winner
"... an engaging thriller ... the action zips through an intriguing plot that includes few breathers. The no frills style of best selling authors like Lee Child and Michael Crichton. Brogan capably delivers action with little distraction ..."

    - Kirkus Reviews
"... G8 is a rip roaring action suspense thriller from beginning to end. Mike Brogan is a master storyteller and a gifted novelist. This is the kind of novel that block-buster movies are made from!"

    - Midwest Book Review
"... G8 is a fast-moving, action-filled thriller set in intriguing locales. Mike Brogan has a talent for ramping up tension. A flat-out page-turner, culminating with an intense cinematic car and boat chase through Belgium and Holland, after the assassin's credible attack on the G8 leaders. An old-fashioned thriller with intense scenes drawn from today's political conflicts..."

    - ForeWord Reviews
"... from the very beginning I could not put G8 down. All unnecessary fluff has been removed. And if that much suspense is in the first half of the story ... imagine how action-filled the second half is. If anything, the second half is even more breathtaking than the first! Once again, Mike Brogan has created a thriller that will keep you reading long past your bed time. Outstanding!"

    - Huntress Reviews
"Grab a beverage or two and buckle up. Brogan's G8 takes off like a rocket and will have you snacking on your fingernails from the first page. G8 is impossible to put down!"

    - Phil Rosette, The Freya Project, Seoul Legacy
"I just devoured G8, and I'm waiting for my heart rate to return to normal. I literally couldn't put it down. Brogan has an incredible talent for exciting, suspense-building storytelling! You won't see the end coming, so just prepare to lose sleep until you finish it!"

    - Rebecca M. Lyles, Editor