Kentucky Woman

Kentucky Woman Reviews:
"I can't remember the last time I got so much fun out of a book as I have from Mike Brogan's KENTUCKY WOMAN. The story invokes scintillating memories of Nick and Nora Charles, cutting-edge genetic technology, and black-hearted villains. The Kentucky Derby is worth the price of the book all on its own."

    - Loren D. Estleman, four-time Shamus Award winner
" ... impressively well written from beginning to end. Kentucky Woman is based on real medical events and clearly demonstrates author Mike Brogan's complete mastery of the mystery genre. Certain to be enduringly popular read by mystery buffs. Kentucky Woman is very highly recommended ..."

"A college student searching for her birth parents finds herself the target of someone who prefers her dead. Brogan keeps the plot perpetually stirring, adding potential allies and more dangerous bad guys, and an appealing romance. A commendable story bolstered by steady momentum and characters in peril."

***** FIVE STARS! "Action, mystery and suspense suffuse every page, from the first to the last page. This novel kept me guessing. I found it very difficult to put down when my real life rudely interrupted. The author's easy-to-read style makes the story flow smoothly. The characters are well-developed and he has the Southern mannerisms down pat. STELLAR! *****

    - Huntress Reviews
"Beautiful Ellie Stuart is in a lot of trouble. Mike Brogan put her there. As one of Detroit's best suspense writers, he writes with the economy of fellow Detroiter, the late Elmore Leonard. Like Dutch, Brogan writes page turners that grab the reader from the opening chapter and don't let go. KENTUCKY WOMAN is his best so far."

    - Phil Rosette, The Freya Project, Seoul Legacy
"Who's trying to kill Ellie ... and why? Just about the time you think you know�uh-oh�a new twist! Brogan's signature skills with plot and tension keep you intrigued right up to the end of KENTUCKY WOMAN. You'll feel every delicious minute of Ellie's frustration and fear but, trust me, you will not figure this one out!"

    - Rebecca M. Lyles, Author, Editor