Madison's Avenue

Madison's Avenue Reviews:
"...Brogan makes murder fun, a bright sorbet to cleanse our jaded mystery palates. I hope to see this refreshing character, Madison, is many more adventures..."

    - Loren D. Estleman, four-time Shamus Award winner, Edgar Award nominee
"Madison’s Avenue grabbed me fast, reminding me of the ruthless world of global advertising I know well – where some agencies roll out champagne ... and some roll out heads."

    - Richard D. O’Connor, former President of the Advertising Club of New York
"Madison’s Avenue is Brogan’s best. Wonderful female characters, imperiled yet empowered, and placed in the pulse-pounding danger of international locales. A terrific read!"

    - Jim McFarlin, ex- Detroit News Entertainment Editor
"Madison’s Avenue is like Mad Men set today – and with women running the show. From Manhattan to Cannes, France it sizzles with suspense. I couldn’t put it down."

    - Robert L. Fenton, award-winning author of Black Tie Only
"Mike Brogan uses his high-level background in global business to consummate use in this well-crafted popular fiction ... it has the edginess and surprises of an episode on the TV series "24" with the intrigue and suspense of a Sherlock Holmes tale and the deceivingly glamorous locales and ambiances of a James Bond movie. With its psychological realism, identifiable characters, and insider's feel for corporate life, Brogan's Madison's Avenue picks up where the media leaves off to bring the reader into the corporate world's heart of darkness."

    - Henry Berry, Small Press Book Review
"... I had kind words for Brogans previous novel, Business to Kill For" an advertising mystery than went on to win a Writers Digest award for mainstream fiction. Happily he’s back with MADISON’S AVENUE. Brogan’s new novel is a thriller that takes you from inside the dog-eat-dog corporate boardrooms to the beaches of the Caribbean and to the Cannes Ad Festival in southern France. This one is Mike’s next big winner...."

    - Bookviews
FIVE STARS! "I lost an entire night of sleep. It was worth it. Mike Brogan drags the shady world of big business into the light for all to view. This well written story caught my attention quickly and never let go. Part mystery and part thriller, this corporate tale will test your wits while keeping you on the edge of your seat. Once you begin reading, be prepared for time to fly by and to possibly lose several hours of sleep ..."

    - Huntress Reviews